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“Whole Other Animal!”: Boxing Legend Joins Fans in Celebrating Adrien Broner’s 5 Months of Sobriety

“Whole Other Animal!”: Boxing Legend Joins Fans in Celebrating Adrien Broner’s 5 Months of Sobriety

The boxing community is proud of the path chosen by Adrien Broner.  The former world champion has been suffering from alcohol abuse for a lot of years. His battle with alcohol has been in the public limelight. However, the boxer has decided to make the amends and come back to the sport. It has been reported that the boxer is now sober for the last 5 months and publicly stated the same.

Recently, he recorded a video in which he candidly talks about the issues he has dealt with in the past. Broner also talks about what drove him to come out of his vice and live in sobriety.

He stated, “See the thing is, a lot of people want to stop drinking. A lot of people want to stop all their vices. It’s just you, it’s just you fighting you. Looking at the mirror, telling yourself you ain’t doing it no more. I’ve been sober for the last five months man. I feel good.”


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The boxing community is glad to see a former world champion come back on track and appreciates his efforts. He was not only lauded by fans but also by boxing legends.

Boxing legend joins fans as they applaud Adrien Broner in his efforts to remain sober

Broner is cutting no corners to make sure he comes back to boxing in the best shape he possibly can. Andre Ward, former undefeated boxing champion made sure to publicly applaud Broner for his efforts.

He took to Twitter and stated, “Yes Lawd! Keep going, bro.” 

The reaction of Ward and the fans are mutual. The fans as well as Ward are glad to see Broner choose the path of sobriety.

Here are a few fan reactions :

A username @Cold1_paul congratulated Broner who is on his path to sobriety and recounted his own progress in battling the same addiction.

Keep going! Being sober is a whole other animal ! 😉

— CoLd Mercy (@Cold1_paul) March 8, 2023

Meanwhile, @jtcoope5 commended Adrien Broner for having the “Real talk” about battling alcohol abuse.

@hotteajohnson sent his best wishes to Broner.

Let’s go champ keep up the amazing Work 💪💪💪💯

— Terry Johnson (@hotteajohnson) March 8, 2023

Lastly, one username @TonysGoodEye was skeptical about Broner’s story, saying it doesn’t “add up”.


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So in the interview Broner did with those guys from DAZN he said he relapsed during camp but now he says he’s been sober 5 months? That math don’t add up. I wish him the best, but his track record say otherwise 🤷🏾‍♂️

— Tony’s Good Eye (@TonysGoodEye) March 9, 2023

Another user Eric Hall stated that he was “happy” for Broner, and hopes that he is successful in getting rid of his demons.


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No matter what, I’m happy for him & hope he can keep it going.

— Eric Hall (@Hallvox) March 9, 2023

The efforts of Broner are evident ahead of his comeback. One might argue that he may have lost his touch to compete at the top level. Though, only time can reveal what lies ahead for the boxer.

How do you see his comeback fight playing out? Do let us know in the comments.

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