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7 Strange Ways Animals Beat the Heat

The more the climate warms, the more we’re destined to sweat. But while drenched t-shirts might be uncomfortable, not all animals are lucky enough to perspire.Mammals are the only type of animals with eccrine sweat glands, though these glands are sometimes used to help animals grip rather than cool down in the heat. For humans,…

Mummified, spread-eagled Triassic ‘shovel lizards’ look like roadkill and likely died in a drought

Home News An artist's reconstruction of lystrosaurs in the early Triassic. These bulldog-faced beaked animals survived a mass extinction, but new research suggests they still suffered from climate change-induced drought. (Image credit: Gina Viglietti) About 251 million years ago, groups of pig-size herbivores with tusks and beaks huddled together, died, shriveled up and then fossilized…

A dog caught monkeypox. What does it mean for our pets and other species?

ScienceExperts worry the disease could spread into animals, making it almost impossible to eradicate.BySharon GuynupPublished August 24, 2022• 8 min readA four-year-old Italian greyhound in Paris appears to be the first domestic dog infected with the monkeypox virus. Researchers reported that the animal broke out in suspicious blisters 12 days after its owners developed pus-filled…